The Informing Principle

Archbishop Viganò points out that the informing principle of globalism, its “Great Reset”, and the would-be “New World Order” is essentially satanic.

No one acts without a purpose. And even what has been happening before our eyes for more than two years now is the consequence of a set of concomitant causes that presuppose an initial thought, an informing principle, so to speak. And when we realise that the reasons given to us to justify the actions taken are not rational, it means that these reasons are pretexts, false reasons, which serve to hide an unmentionable truth.

This is the way of the Evil One. When he tempts us, he lies to make us believe that he is our friend, that he cares about our good. Like a fairground peddler, the devil offers us his miraculous finds, his elixirs of happiness and wealth, for the modest sum of our immortal soul. But this, like a swindler, he omits to say, of course; at most he writes it in small print in the clauses of the contract.

Everything is a lie when it comes to Satan. The premises are false: Your God oppresses you with heavy precepts. The promises are false: You can decide and get what you want. And everything is a lie too when Satan’s minions are organising to establish the dystopia of the New World Order….

The globalist world does not tolerate comparisons. It demands this “exclusivity” which it denounces with horror as soon as it is not itself that claims it. It tears the clothes off the temporal power of the Church – with the complicity of fornicating and heretical clerics – and then demands absolute and irrational obedience to the dogmas it proclaims from Davos or Brussels. It celebrates freedom of speech and of the press, which it generously funds, but tolerates neither dissent nor truth, which it seeks to make simply inaccessible, invisible.

And again: the globalist world has no past to show us to confirm the greatness of its ideas, its philosophy, its faith. Conversely, it lives by falsifying history, by erasing the past, by eliminating it from the new generations. So that there is no one who, in front of Chartres Cathedral, is able to recognise the images of Christ and the Saints. So that no one would know that in the Holy Chapel was kept the ampulla of the Holy Chrism carried by an Angel to consecrate the Kings of France. So that no one could know their deeds, find their tombs, or understand the treasures of art and literature that have made the Catholic Nations great. The Cancel Culture reveals the radical ontological inconsistency of globalism in the face of the splendour of Christian civilisation.

The globalist world has no future. Or rather: the future it intends to give us is the darkest and most terrifying that the human mind can conceive. The future it presents to us is false and unrealizable. “I don’t have a house, I don’t own anything, and I’m happy,” Schwab and the promoters of Agenda 2030 try to convince us. But their aim is not to make us happy – which will not happen in time, of course – but to take away our homes and possessions. When they talk to us about pacifism and disarmament, it is not because they want peace, but because, being disarmed and without ideals, we will let ourselves be invaded and dominated without reacting. By imposing welcome and “inclusiveness” on us – adopting an insider’s lexicon – they do not want us to really welcome and integrate people from other cultures and religions, but they want to create the premises for social disorder and the consequent disappearance of our traditions and our Faith.

When they talk to us about “resilience,” they are not telling us that they will protect us from the disasters that threaten us, but that we must resign ourselves to absorbing them without protest. When they accuse us of extremism or fundamentalism, it is only because they know that the faithful and the citizens with noble and holy ideals can resist, organise opposition, spread dissent. And when they impose on us a mass inoculation with a gene serum that has no efficacy but many serious and deadly side effects, they do so not for our health, but to modify our DNA and make us chronically ill, with a permanently compromised immune system and a life expectancy lower than the average healthy person. And to introduce into our bodies – as we have learned from the complaint recently filed by Attorney Carlo Alberto Brusa – self-assembling graphene nanostructures, capable of making us geolocatable, including the military.

Never expect the truth from the Great Reset advocates. For where there is no Christ, there can be no Truth, and we know how much they hate Our Lord. 

Except I would not say that it is “essentially” satanic. It is quite literally satanic. It is the same evil that was behind the Tower of Babel, it is the fire of knowledge that the Prometheans worship, the water upon which the Phoenician Navy floats, and the Empire That Never Ended of which PKD wrote.

No matter what its name, all we really need to know is that it is the Enemy and our duty is to stand against it.