Whatever Happened to Equality?

It was always nonsense. But the purely mythical nature of “equality” has become inescapably obvious under the rule of Clownworld

There has been a huge backlash in Scotland after the SNP appointment a man as the country’s first period dignity officer. Jason Grant was handed the post for the Tay region of Scotland, with his duties set to include promoting access to free sanitary products following the introduction of the Period Products Act. The Act came into force in Scotland on Monday, and puts into law that tampons and sanitary towels must be made available by councils and education providers to anyone who need them. The Bill was initially brought forward by Labour health spokeswoman Monica Lennon and passed in November 2020, and is intended to eliminate period poverty and help households under financial strain.

I look forward to learning how the Clownworld governments will manage to lose The War on Period Poverty. And what does poverty even mean in a world where people own nothing and eat bugs?