The De-Comicization of DC

It looks like Ethan van Sciver was correct all along, as DC Comics officially removes “Comics” from its branding.

DC’s website is now known as simply instead of the original, quietly and officially dropping the “comics” designation from their branding.

“ is a celebration of everything across the DC Multiverse and we couldn’t be more excited for today’s launch,” DC GM/SVP Anne DePies stated in the release. “We are doubling down on DC’s digital ecosystem and there has never been a better time to be a DC fan and with this one-stop shop, we’re bringing everything together in one place to easily access and celebrate your fandom.”

In terms of all media and not just comics, the brand is undergoing a restructure and, more than that, its studio operations are under threat of a great reset.

Translation: DC’s owners only need the existing IP and they don’t believe the traditional comics publishing operation is going to produce any new IP of value. So farming out the IP to other publishers and collecting royalties makes more sense than continuing to self-produce new comics content, since the comics publishing revenue is trivial and creates more trouble than it’s worth.

Meanwhile, Arkhaven Comics is about to release a major new Arktoons update that is going to significantly increase its daily traffic. The best Arktoons content already compares favorably with the best that Webtoons and Tapas have to offer, and neither of them have anything to compete with what we believe is going to be a seriously game-changing development.