Rationalizing Creatures

Spacebunny makes an observation:

Women and gamma males are the ultimate rationalizing creatures. Instead of attempting to improve themselves and make themselves more attractive, they double down on what makes them unpleasant and repellent, attempting to drag others down to their level. Nothing is ever their fault. As the saying goes, if no one likes and wants to be around you, it’s probably not everyone else with the problem….. Most will never learn and will die alone and bitter because of their choices.


One of the most important lessons required for graduation to full adulthood is understanding and accepting the concept that other parties are autonomous. We see functional children – which is to say women and gammas, among others – repeatedly failing to grasp that they have zero control and very limited influence over the decisions and actions of other people.

Look at all the neocons, who thought they could a) expand NATO eastward and b) invade and occupy foreign countries without experiencing any negative consequences. Now the entire world that is not already occupied by the US military is stacked against them as a direct result of their foolish and short-sighted actions.

Look at the Europeans leaders, who stupidly thought they could sanction Russia without Russia refusing to sell their nations the fertilizer, food, natural gas, and oil that they require.

Excessive rationalization is what happens when people don’t get punched in the face enough to understand that for every human action, there will eventually be an opposing reaction. If you believe you are untouchable, for any reason, then you are still a functional child.