Why Globalism Cannot Survive

Vladimir Putin correctly points out that globalism is inherently doomed to failure due to the same sort of structural incoherencies that afflict communism, feminism, and imperialism.

A new epoch of world history is approaching and only “truly sovereign” states will be able to succeed in the changed environment, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday.

Speaking at a business forum, Putin claimed that “truly revolutionary,” “enormous” changes would lead to the creation of a new, “harmonious, fairer and more community-focused and safe” world order. In this new epoch, “only truly sovereign states can ensure high growth dynamics,” he said.

By the term ‘sovereignty’ the Russian president means “freedom of national development, and thus of each person individually,” as well as “technological, cultural, intellectual, educational viability of the state” and a “responsible, active and nationally minded, nationally oriented civil society.”

Such a state, the president said, will serve as an example for others when it comes to “the standards and quality of people’s life, the protection of traditional values and high humanistic ideals.”

This kind of world is in sharp contrast to the Western-dominated unipolar world order, which, in Putin’s opinion, is “becoming a brake on the development of our civilization.”

He accused the West of being “racist and neo-colonial,” saying that its ideology “is becoming increasingly more like totalitarianism.”

The president argued that despite attempts by Western elites to preserve the existing world order, the changes are “irreversible.”

Globalism is simply another form of imperialism that involves a self-selected, self-serving elite ruling over a diverse collection of different peoples with different beliefs, capabilities, and interests. It utilizes the influence of money rather than the force of military might, but both the effects and the consequences are the same.

However, globalism is even less tenable than standard imperialism because the money it is built upon is an illusion created by the manufacture of debt through finance capitalism. This means that once the debt structure becomes overloaded and begins to collapse, the influence upon which the entire governing system rests begins to vanish as well.

Furthermore, the satanic element that elevates incompetents and degenerates to positions of power relies in part upon rewards that can no longer be provided once the system begins to break down. In the absence of the carrot, this leaves only the systemic stick, the pervasive blackmail, to hold the elite together and there are far too many people who are either immune or unconcerned to it, thus permitting the rise of a rebellious rival elite who have no loyalty to the globalist elite or the system.

This is why globalism has no choice but to become totalitarian and abandon all of its purported Enlightenment ideals, which were never more than propagandistic lies in the first place. And this is why nationalist leaders such as Putin can be so confident that the changes to the world order are irreversible, because the existing neo-liberal one is already collapsing under the weight of its debt and structural incoherencies.