Making Millions with Comics

AC takes a little offense at the massive success of Eric July’s comic kickstarter.

GET BASED, MAKE BANK! ANTI-WOKE COMIC RAKES IN $1.7M IN PRE-ORDERS – I’m not linking to this shit, just because it pisses me off. But this was an article on Stephen Crowder’s website. Basically some random asshole had the totally new idea to make a book of non-woke comics, which he is charging $90 for, and he has supposedly sold $1.7 million of them. And Crowder is promoting it. First, notice, no mention of Arkhaven comics or Vox Day, who have only been doing this better and bigger, even for free, for years now, and who no doubt would dwarf this guy. Second, no way this guy shows up unannounced and has more reach than Vox has accumulated, after decades amassing fans in all sorts of genres. But he sells $1.7 million of $90 books almost overnight? Do you think you could do that? Would Crowder mention you, if you did? What you are seeing is how the machine tries to bleed Arkhaven, by having one of their actors show up, with a product the machine created, get free pimping on some machine mouthpiece, with sales that sound a bit odd, and try to squeeze the real things out of the market. Learn to see the difference between the real things, and those things they jam in your face.

It’s possible that AC is correct and that this is an attempt to suck all the air out of the independent comic space. I certainly wouldn’t put it past the Ticket Masters; they seem to be prone to funding their pet ticket takers in any and every possible area, however unlikely, for fear of the organic growth of an institution without any use for them.

That being said, it’s true there are a LOT of cucks, cons, and mainstream Republicans who are irritated by the social justice demolition of the entire entertainment industry and would LOVE to vote for a Black man for President. We see this every election cycle and we see it in the insta-success of ideological chameleons like Candace Owens, who made the difficult transition from full-blown SJW thought policewoman to professional conservative Black woman without breaking a sweat or generating a single word of criticism in the media. So, the massive success of a conservative Black man writing a Gary Stu comic where the villain is Racism doesn’t exactly surprise me. Better him than the SJWs at Marvel and DC. Much better.

Either way, I don’t share AC’s outrage. I have never feared competition; to the contrary, I find it extremely motivating. And there is plenty of room for multiple independent unconverged comics publishers; there is a LOT of enemy ground that needs to be retaken for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

Ever since the unexpected success of the original ALT-HERO crowdfund, people on the nominal right have been trying to move into that space in order to outshine Arkhaven. Eric July and the Blaze-Daily Wire Axis aren’t the only contestants; an intriguing new alliance between EVS, Larry Correia, and Baen Books should prove amusing in at least one way or another. None of this is any concern to me, because Arkthaven’s strategy relies solely upon being consistently better than everyone else, as the next major Arktoons release should suffice to demonstrate.


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