What Insurrection Looks Like

Owen Benjamin points out that unlike the fake January 6th narrative, what’s happening in Sri Lanka right now is a real insurrection:

Sri Lanka’s economy has collapsed. This is what an actual January 6th looks like not the fake one that America scripted. The IMF won’t bail them out either. 80% of the population currently can’t get daily meals. They had a middle class last year. This was the country that known pedophile, science fiction author, and inventor of frauds like the satellite, Arthur C Clark fled to to avoid arrest and openly live with young boys. The country has been morally broken for a long time. But now it’s financially broken. They also just ran out of all fossil fuels and no one will ship them any because their money is worthless. Imagine currently being on that island? And the news isn’t reporting it because it scares them. This is never far from any country functioning on a fiat currency. And no Bitcoin is not a solution, as Canada will tell you. Yesterday all of their digital banking shut down for a full day.

The collapse of the global economy has evidently begun. Stay out of debt, focus on purchasing material things that last rather than digital ephemera, build your arsenals and libraries, and get out of the cities. If you’re not married, get married. If you’re married, start having children.

Remember: the future belongs to those who show up for it and the strongest businesses are those that are founded during depressions and times of war.