The Dutch Farmer Rebellion

It’s not just a protest, if this summary of the reason for the recent Dutch agricultural uprising is even remotely accurate.

The basic gestalt:

EU and WEF promote Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aka Agenda 2030.

Part of the SDGs is the reduction of agricultural impact on climate change by means of nitrogendioxide (NO2) restrictions.

Dutch gouvernment signs contracts promising to execute this agenda and proceeds implementing new laws restricting NO2 emissions from farms

Dutch farms however barely produce any such gases, even the Dutch government statistics indicate 90% of the measured NO2 comes from Germany. NO2 is also a frail and unstable molecule that doesn’t actually impact the local environment.

Independent digital soldiers discover the TriState City project in their efforts to find out why the Dutch gouvernment does this. TriState City is scheduled to be the complete bulldozing and rebuilding of the entire Benelux as one giant smart city, akin to the 90s movie Judge Dredd.

TriState City is supposed to become the capital of the globo-homogenised One World Government (OWG).

This OWG needs all that Dutch farmland to build ghettos.

The NO2 law is just a tool being used to completely decimate the Netherlands, Dutch culture and the Dutch way of life.

Farmers share this information and quietly decline this law.

Dutch government publicly threatens land appropriation by force if the farmers don’t comply.

Farmers organise tractor rallies and block highways.

Farmers surround the home of the minister of agriculture.

Farmers collaborate with other branches of the economy to organise a general strike and shutdown for Monday the 4th of July.

Dutch government debates on the potential strike and say on public record that military violence may be used on the farmers if they attempt to shut down Schiphol. ln so doing the Dutch government quietly declared itself enemy of the People and became strictly illegal under admiralty law for it violated its corporate contract with the citizens of this nation.

Dutch media reports nothing but angsty inconveniences.

Make no mistake, the neo-liberal rules-based world order is definitely not “the good guys” by any definition. They are evil far beyond anything of which their incessant “Nazi Putin, Commie Xi, Everyone is the Next Hitler” rhetoric warns.

World War III is not only here, it is the better option for humanity. Submission is not an option and will avail those who do literally nothing. Even the proverbial Rider on the Red Horse is preferable to global enslavement to the very worst and most wicked members of the human race and their spiritual masters.