Tuesday Arktoons

STONETOSS Episode 93: Foot in the Door

THE AWAKENER Episode 42: Darkness in Sao Luis

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 130: Trans Deformers

BOB Episode 39: Organ Grinder

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 94: Fruits of California

BEN GARRISON Episode 56: Schwab

CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON Episode 58: Critical Condition

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: WAR Episode 52: The Wise and Judicious

From the Arktoons Production Editor:

Arktoons recently celebrated its one year anniversary and passed 7,000,000 views. We continually refine the processes we’ve developed to create the various series that run each week. If you have at least five hours per week, and can help in one of the following roles, then email ArkhavenComics-at-outlook-dot-com

Transcribers – no software needed – you transcribe stories into a .txt document so the letterers can copy/paste it. This halves the time it takes to letter a page, so it can be incredibly useful.

Letterers – requires Adobe Illustrator – you make text, such as captions or speech bubbles, for the frames that have already been made. This is a critical role.

Frame Creators – requires Gimp or Photoshop – you take pages of art and create individual frames of ongoing series such as Avalon, Rebel Dead Revenge, and restoration projects like Gorgo or Classic Bible Tales.

Repairs – requires any program that can edit/save .psd files – you will be sent specific frames to fix. This often entails removing speech bubbles on a flattened image, but can include any other situation where
we need to repair the art of a frame.

Restoration processor – requires Linux and the ability to install packages – we recently discovered a means of automatically processing a page to strip away many of the artifacts we encounter due to them being saved as .jpgs. We need someone to install a number of Linux packages and run a script to bulk process multiple pages of a number of comics. This will speed up our ability to fix pages a great deal.

Thank you!