Has World War Clown Gone Global?

If this reported statement by the Chinese ambassador is true, then China has confirmed its intention to enter the war on the side of Russia and the Sovereign World.

“We must put an end once and for all to the hegemony of the United States, with its eternal desire to interfere in the affairs of sovereign states.”

Zhang Hanhui, Chinese Ambassador to Russia

I’m dubious about the legitimacy of this purported statement by the ambassador, as I have been unable to confirm it from any reliable Chinese sources. But it isn’t too terribly different from a genuine, and confirmed, statement from the Foreign Ministry.

Coercive diplomacy starts with the US. It is nobody else but the US that invented, patented and owns the intellectual property right of “coercive diplomacy”. In 1971, US scholar Alexander George coined the concept of “coercive diplomacy” to describe the US policy on Laos, Cuba and Vietnam. For years, from military threats to political isolation, from economic sanctions to technological blockade, the US has shown the world what “coercive diplomacy” is through what it has done. Some Chinese netizens have put it this way — to know what “coercive diplomacy” entails, just check what the US has done.

The US keeps talking about dealing with other countries from a position of strength. This, in effect, means whoever has a bigger fist calls the shots. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”? The US spared no effort to crack down on China’s Huawei, France’s Alstom and Japan’s Toshiba and coerced the TSMC, Samsung and other companies to provide to the US chip supply chain data. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”? The US forced countries to take sides in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and wantonly threatened to impose unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”? After China and Solomon Islands signed the security cooperation agreement on the basis on mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, the US immediately sent officials to South Pacific island countries in an attempt to exert pressure on them and intimidate them to stop them from having normal cooperation with China. Isn’t this “coercive diplomacy”?

Secretary Blinken said that “all countries will be free to chart their own paths without coercion”. For that to happen, the US must first and foremost change its old habit of pursuing “coercive diplomacy”, stop interfering in the internal affairs of others, stop forcing countries to pick sides, stop abusing unilateral sanctions and stop hobbling hi-tech companies of other countries. China is ready to work with all countries upholding justice to stand against various coercive behaviors in the world. 

Zhao Lijian, Foreign Ministry, 6 June 2022

The expansion of the conflict from Ukraine to the USA appears to be locked in now. One hopes that the Lords of Clown World will have the wisdom to surrender instead of waging a brutal war that can only end in defeat and suicides in their New Zealand bunkers.