They Devour Their Own

Having run all the sane, unconverged writers out of science fiction, the lunatic SJWs are now busily occupied with devouring their own. Some nonentity named Stephanie Burke who writes SF porn is crying about how people she didn’t know accused her, in public, of things she didn’t do and things she never said.

Why, can you even imagine such a travesty?

Home from Balticon and I will never return. I was accused of some nasty things, treated like a criminal, judged without proof save for hearsay, and stripped of my remaining panels. My only recourse is to make a complaint. My reputation which took close to 20 years to build is now destroyed. I am devastated. This is my complaint. I am angry and I am hurt and I am at a loss because all of the networking I have done here is dead. The publishers I wanted to talk to probably are hearing the lies.

The hilarious thing is the way it’s now clear that not even writing very bad sex novels, convincing your little boy that he’s a girl, having a mental illness, and declaring, with all sincerity, that “the G-word” (apparently Gypsy) “is equivalent to the N-word” is enough to save anyone from the SJW thought police these days.