The Limited Appeal of Clown World

The globalist elite are beginning to realize that we’re not locked in here with them, they’re locked in here with us. The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi laments the bitter reality that Clown World only rules over 17.9 percent of the human population:

The Ukraine conflict has revealed “a very bitter reality. Russia is isolated from the West, but the West is isolated from the whole world,” he said.

The former prime minister explained that only 1.4 billion people live in systems “that can be broadly defined as free and democratic, of a Western type,” while the “other 6.4 billion human beings live under dictatorships, autocracies, oligarchies, theocracies, authoritarian or totalitarian systems in various ways and to varying degrees.”

He added that the largest countries in the world – China, India, Russia, and many other Asian, African, and Latin American nations – “are not with the West at the moment.”

Berlusconi noted that, despite all “the errors and crimes” committed by the US and Europe, the West created “the freest and most democratic political, civil and social system that humanity has ever known in its history,” while ensuring “the greatest well-being” of its people.

However, he said, the Western world has failed in one aspect – “due to the lack of authoritative leadership in recent years and in the present but also due to lack of confidence in itself,” it has not been able to create a system of alliances or come up with an attractive political and economic concept.

The West ceased to be appealing, or aspirational, the moment that the satanic elite were successful with enough of their incessant subversions of Western institutions and take control of it. There is, in fact, nothing “Western” about Clown World; it is comprised of imposters wearing the collective skinsuit of the former inhabitants.

The West had three components: Christianity, the European nations, and the Greco-Roman philosophical legacy. All three of these components have been abjured and significantly adulterated by the current rulers of Clown World. So, having witnessed this, it is hardly a surprise that the rulers of great historical civilizations such as China and Russia, and well-established societies such as the clans of the dar-al-Islam and the various Asian, African, and Latin American nations, see absolutely no appeal in permitting the cancerous convergence of their own civilizations and societies by Clown World imperialists.

The canary in the Clown World mine is Japan. Under its influence, Japan is fake, gay, barren, and demoralized. Many Japanese of the early 20th Century saw this coming as a result of Japan’s submission to the West; Yukio Mishima’s literary legacy was only one of the many prescient rejections of Clown World rule. I anticipate that Japan, which has a very distinct and noble cultural history, will see another Restoration, one hopes a more successful one, and lead the revolt against Clown World and its disintegrating neo-liberal rules-based world order.