Starwarsism is the New Transgenderism

Obi-Ewan Kenobi denounces the criticism of Africans in space.

‘You’re no Star Wars fans in my mind – I’m sickened’: Ewan McGregor blasts racists who attacked his ‘absolutely amazing’ Obi-Wan Kenobi co-star Moses Ingram.

‘It seems that some of the fan base… have decided to attack Moses Ingram online and send her the most horrendous, racist DMs. I heard some of them this morning and it just broke my heart.’ McGregor praised Ingram as ‘a brilliant actor,’ ‘a brilliant woman’ and ‘absolutely amazing in this series,’ adding that he had been ‘sickened … that this had been happening.

‘I just want to say as the leading actor in the series, as the executive producer on the series, that we stand with Moses,’ the Trainspotting actor said. ‘We love Moses, and if you’re sending her bullying messages, you’re no Star Wars fan in my mind.’

Well, I have some bad news for Mr. Kenobi. Starwarsism is rampant among those still foolish enough to hope for entertainment from the Devil Mouse. A female reader sends in her review of what apparently is a new Devil Mouse streaming show called Obi-Woke Kenobi.

Watched the first two episodes of Obi Wan, dang that hurt to watch. They are just so determined to destroy all that is good and beautiful in our world. Awful tropes, one after another…

Bratty spoiled kid with no awareness of safety or danger putting everyone in harms way. I am sorry, I sure as heck don’t remember ever acting that way or seeing any other kids act that way.

Little girl outrunning everyone? For a few seconds, yeah, cause I saw that meme of the little boy running out on the soccer field with arms and legs pumping. But for that long? They must have been really enthralled with that scene, caused they used it over and over.

Reluctant hero, resisting the call to action, how long will he stew in his regret, it just drug on an on, we get it, he is alone and lonely.

Super Whaman hear her roar, evil jedi POC female, what is it with hiring women who don’t have any ability to have any expression at all on their face? Gonna call her POC Ms Marvel, I was really bored during all of her scenes.

Reusing the scenes from original star wars, brilliant then, kinda overused now.

Save the Cat, nice to the animals, kind to the droids, if you are going to use the trope can’t you find a more original way to show it?

Betrayal amongst the evil folk, yep, checked that one off the list

What did work? Very little. Comedic actor pretending to be a Jedi, kinda cute. Any Star Wars is better than none? Meh. Can they save this? My husband is hopeful and desperate, myself I no longer believe in Disney Star Wars.

So Starwarsist. I can’t even.

Okay, to be honest, I had literally no idea what either Obi-Ewan or the reader were talking about. I presume there is some new Disney streaming show out or something, which is so far off my radar these days that it might as well be broadcast only on the sixth moon of Jupiter.