Protecting the Filthbloods

Laws are being passed to prevent discrimination against the genetically altered formerly human:

No longer sci-fi speculation, the transhuman revolution is real; it’s here; it’s unfolding in real time. Man’s transformation into machine – or at least something not entirely human — will accelerate rapidly in the coming decades.

The next milestone on the road to transhuman techno-hell is a most unorthodox piece of legislation in Chile – which, along with Argentina, is the global corporate technocracy’s beachhead on the South American continent. The new law “bans discrimination against mutants and genetically altered people“:

“Law No. 21.422 prohibits labor discrimination against mutations or alterations of genetic material, and in turn ‘prohibits demanding any certificate or test to verify that the worker does not have such alterations or mutations in his human genome.’”

Ultimately, whether the intent of the bill is to normalize and legalize genetically engineered human chimeras as “human,” or to disincentive employers from snooping into actual natural humans’ genetic makeup as a precondition for employment, or for some other purpose, remains unclear.

Given the recent track record of human rights abuses by Western governments admittedly captured by the World Economic Forum, the safe bet is on the first, more sinister objective.

Actually, this is probably not about transhumanism, as it is more likely that it is a response to growing awareness of the deleterious effects of the gene therapies that are the mRNA-based not-vaccines. Because once it becomes clear that the vaxxed are much more likely to keel over and die, or become very expensive medical liabilities, no corporation is going to want to be on the hook for their insurance bills.