Vaccine Regrets

I doubt a single Pureblood will be surprised to learn that the Filthbloods are already beginning to regret their decisions to get vaxxed:

Today is my one year “regretiversary” of the vaccine that ruined my life. So to celebrate the fact it hasn’t killed me (yet), here’s a thread attempting to summarize the rollercoaster ride this last year has been… On April 13, 2021 I received Moderna #2 after believing the BS we were told by the gov and media, all my friends/family were fine after their shots, docs recommended it, if I wanted to work/travel I’d have to get it. I thought it was the ticket to get back to normal. I was wrong.

The side effects came on hard and heavy the same day, so for the causation doesn’t equal correlation crowd that tries to discredit adverse reactions, enough. And no, it wasn’t covid. I never had the virus. Previous years were healthy and I backtested negative. It was the vax 100%.

I experienced a host of side effects that can’t even fit in a single post because so many symptoms popped up almost instantly and have evolved for the worse over the last year.

I went to the ER where I was gaslit and dismissed. Same with my PCP, and rheumatology, who canceled after waiting months to be seen, saying, “we don’t treat vaccine adverse reactions.” I reported them for patient abandonment, but the state regulatory board sided with the docs.

It wasn’t until five months after the shot until I saw immunology and nine months until neurology, who admitted they see vaccine injured patients regularly and began testing. Our symptoms mimic that of long covid, which has now been backed by science.

Cardiology started me on beta blockers, which created a half dozen new side effects, immunology put me on cromolyn sodium, which hasn’t helped, and neuro tried to get IVIG, but insurance denied approval for the $50k treatment. 30 appts later, traditional medicine has failed.

Which leads to the fact the injured are desperate for research that we’re not getting. The CDC, FDA, and NIH know that vaccine injuries exist, but are doing everything in their power to make sure you don’t. Pfizer tried hiding nine pages of adverse reactions from the public for 75 years until a judge forced them to release the data. They say “trust the science,” but…

At the root of all this evil lies Big Pharma, which is making a fortune on these vaccines, spends $4.5 billion annually on media advertising to control the narrative, pays off whichever party is in power to make sure you’re told what they want you to hear. Then there’s the big tech censorship. Social media “fact checkers” have ties to the pharma industry so people like me, who are people just like you, are labeled as “misinformation” if you end up drawing the inevitable short straw and suffer an adverse reaction then speak out.

Fortunately, this hasn’t been the typical experience for most of the vaccinated, although there are far too many in the 16-59 age group who are unable regret their decision because they are now dead from various forms of vaxx-induced heart failure. And while it’s neither polite nor appropriate to remind these victims – and yes, despite their stupidity they are absolutely victims – that they were warned, it will be necessary to remind them of that the next time the Narrative demands their submission to it.