We Never Needed Them

The Big Bear drops some hard truths on us.

It dawned on me this morning that @realdonaldtrump is the last significant gatekeeper before Nationalism. They’ve invested so much into his brand that they can’t let him ride off into the sunset post 2020 and they desperately need him to hold the line for disillusioned Americans.

He couldn’t get Gab to submit to kushner’s (((speech codes))), Parler & GettR were duds and Truth Social is the laughing stock of the internet.

This is the last, best move to gatekeep Nationalism. Another branded investment ‘hero’ (Elon) swoops in to save the day & restore the Don on twitter.

You don’t need these false idols, fake heros. They don’t have the power to save you & even if they did there’s no chance they would. They don’t care about your interests.

The good news is, you can build your own future. You never needed them.

Putting one’s faith in a media celebrity because he says one or two things that you like is always going to end in disappointment. Every single time.