Zero Sympathy

Of my six nuclear family members, one is dead and the other was in the ER this week. Unsurprisingly, those are two of the three members of the family who are vaxxed and boosted. I’m not asking for any condolences or whatever, I’m simply pointing it out so you understand that I’m not speaking as an individual with no personal experience of family casualties when I say something that will probably sound callous and cruel to many of you. Which is this:

None of you reprehensively stupid idiots who got vaccinated deserve one single iota of sympathy from anyone if you experience an adverse effect from your submission to experimental gene therapy forced upon the world by global population reductionists. This goes 3x for those who were dumb enough to get vaccinated twice, then boosted. Karl Denninger explains:

I will say this with utter certainty: I’ve never seen an obituary page with this sort of toll among young people and given the absence of older people, who die all the time of old age, of course, the magnitude of this wave of death is quite clear.

We all know good and n well why these younger people died. “Died suddenly”, absent a car crash (which would be listed) or OD (which is sometimes not since an obit is typically not intended to shame anyone) doesn’t happen in young people on a statistical basis. Yes, young people do die — they get cancer, they die of belief they are Superman (especially common in young males) and they also, in certain demographics, have a habit of getting shot, stabbed and similar — none of which is “died suddenly”.

If you want a calibration on exactly how ridiculous this pattern of death is you can have it quite-easily. You see, there are a few people who were young and killed the usual ways young people die. A couple of motorcycle accidents. Childhood cancer and another caused by asbestos. Misfortune in the backcountry. A man convicted of a crime who killed himself before sentencing. And a Covid-19 death, an illness that got the better of the person.

But what of the rest?

You know damn well why those people are dead and death on this scale among young people has never been seen before.

You let this happen, America.

You haven’t done one damn thing to the Mayors, Governors, CEOs, “Health Departments”, so-called “Public Health” organizations such as Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins, colleges and others who mandated these jabs, expelling and firing those who refused.

I made clear that my expectation was that while there would be a big spike in the immediate fatality rate — and there was — it wouldn’t be over after that.

And it both wasn’t — and isn’t.

You did this America.

You let them do it.

And you still are.

Take a bow.

Your child, spouse, significant other, loved one — or you — may well be next and having done the stupid thing there’s not a damn thing you can do now to stop it; that option expired when you let the original acts take place without putting a stop to it as soon as the signals on safety showed up — which, I remind you, we knew about and I wrote about before the mass campaign began and thus every bit of this was completely avoidable.

It’s not a tragedy when consequences happen to people who do stupid things. It’s just inevitable. It doesn’t matter how anyone feels about it, for better or for worse, bad things are going to happen to people who did stupid things. As my pureblood brother says, “‘suddenly’ is not a cause of death”.

I did my mourning 18 months ago, when I had to watch the majority of my acquaintances, friends, and family members ignore my warnings in favor of following the advice of people who openly advocate reducing the number of humans on the planet. To be honest, I felt worse about their abject stupidity than I did about the increased probabilities that they would eventually experience some sort of negative consequences from their submission to the satanist program.

I still hope most of them will turn out to be all right; after all, what is an average reduced lifespan of five years or so when most people are living 15 years longer than their great-grandparents? Four score and ten is all we’re promised anyhow. I’m not looking to dance on anyone’s grave or tell anyone “I told you so.” However, I’m not going to feign any shock, sorrow, or surprise when those who have done obviously stupid things experience undesirable consequences.

Get used to saying politely: “I’m sorry to hear that.” And leave it at that. What’s done is done, and there is no point in saying anything else.