RIP Taylor Hawkins

Of course, we don’t KNOW it’s the vaxx… but it’s the vaxx.

The Foo Fighters longtime, charismatic drummer, Taylor Hawkins, has died at the age of 50.

Hawkins was found dead in a hotel room in the north of Bogota, Colombia where the band were due to play at a festival on Friday night. No cause of death was immediately announced.

Shortly after Hawkins’ death was announced, dozens of fans together with journalists and videographers began to gather outside the hotel where the band had been staying. Many appeared to be in complete shock at the news with some lighting candles.

Ambulances and police cars could be seen stationed outside of the property. Later on Friday night, Hawkins’ body was finally brought out of the hotel, placed into a coroner’s van and driven away.

The group had been scheduled to play at the Festival Estéreo Picnic in the Colombian capital where an announcement told concert-goers that the band would not be playing due to a ‘serious medical condition’.

I suspect there are going to be a lot of deaths attributed to overdoses and other factors that are actually the result of a heart weakened by the Covid vaccinations. Given the unreliability of the medical community, the only reliable statistic will be the sheer number of all-cause deaths, as that’s the one thing that can’t be easily hidden or redefined.