Suspending the Arkhaven Blog

No, it’s not being deplatformed or anything like that. The problem is a technical one, as too much traffic over too much time at the arkhavencomics-dot-com site has overwhelmed the WordPress database and the site has bogged down to the point that it is interfering with the necessary operations of the Library store it hosts. So, until the new Castalia Library site goes live, we’re suspending the Arkhaven blog and its comments. We anticipate the new site will be operational in 6-8 weeks.

This will not have any effect on Arktoons, as it utilizes a custom system that is hosted on a different server.

With regards to Castalia Library, Book 13 is The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling and Book 14 is Politics by Aristotle. Also, some good news on the bindery construction, as the machine list is complete, the specificied machines have been acquired, and the entire setup is being operationally tested over the next 2-4 weeks prior to being transported and installed. Best of all, it’s been done within the original budget.