The Champions of Democracy

The West’s self-proclaimed democracies really don’t strike one as being what one would describe as democratic anymore.

Ukraine has moved to suspend the activities of almost a dozen opposition parties, including the parliament’s second-largest group, Opposition Platform – For Life, for as long as the conflict with Russia continues.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the decision of the country’s National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) on Sunday. It was made “given the full-scale war and the ties of some political structures with this state,” he said, apparently referring to Russia. According to Zelensky, the activities of the opposition parties will be put on hold “for the period of martial law.”

“Any activity of politicians aimed at division and collaboration won’t be successful, but will instead be faced with a harsh response,” the president warned.

A total of 11 parties were blacklisted, including Opposition Platform – For Life, which is the second-biggest in the Verkhovna Rada with 39 seats; Party of Shariy, founded by harsh critic of the Kiev authorities, blogger Anatoly Shariy; and Nashi party, headed by Evgeniy Murayev.

After all, the neocon-installed puppet regime can’t be permitting the Ukrainian people any way to express their will when it is not only busy providing them with freedom, democracy, homosexuality, transgenderism, and pedophilia, but defending them from those who would interfere with the fruits of globohomo’s neo-liberal rules-based world order.