We Don’t Know it’s the Vaxx

But it’s the vaxx:

Victorian Labor senator Kimberley Kitching dies suddenly in Melbourne aged 52

The ABC understands Senator Kitching, 52, died of a suspected heart attack this afternoon. Labor Leader Anthony Albanese says the party is “in shock” over the passing of their friend and colleague.

Victorian Labor senator Kimberley Kitching has died suddenly in the Melbourne suburb of Strathmore. She began feeling unwell while driving between two meetings and pulled over before calling her husband, Andrew Landeryou. An ambulance was called but she died of a suspected heart attack near to where her vehicle was parked.

Two weeks ago, one of my family members, double-vaxxed and boosted, died of a “pulmonary edema” at the age of 42.

I’m genuinely curious how many members of my extended social circle are going to die suddenly, unexpectedly, and at a relatively young age before everyone understands and is willing to admit that it is the vaccinations that are primarily responsible for those deaths. One is easily dismissed. Two is just an unfortunate coincidence. Three is just an agglomeration of people with unhealthy lifestyles. At four, I suspect those who have been vaccinated will start to get nervous and begin asking serious questions for the first time in two years.

But I anticipate that it will take at least five statistically-improbable deaths in an extended social circle before the idea that the Covid vaccines were responsible for them is accepted as the general consensus. Perhaps some unlikely health emergencies, such as a teenager’s stroke or heart attack, that don’t prove fatal, would also count as an input factor, but I think it will require five improbable events per social circle before the consensus changes, because it appears to take at least five undeniable dialectical narrative violations to penetrate the average individual’s rhetorical shield.

As one of my brothers recently noted, “dies suddenly” is not an actual cause of death.