The Techno-Pedocracy

The layers of the wicked onion are being gradually peeled back, one by one. And the extent of the pedocracy goes higher and deeper and wider than anyone wants to admit:

Jaren Miles, head of global community development for Facebook caught trying to meet a 13-year-old boy in his hotel room.

There is a reason that truth is considered to be a fundamentally different category than the beautiful or even the good. Sometimes, the truth can be ugly indeed, but even the ugliest truth is of intrinsic value. And one increasingly undeniable ugly truth is that the global community that the pedocrats of the West want to develop is the same hideous society that inspired Africanus to destroy Carthage, Cortez to destroy Tenochtitlan, and European Christendom to repeatedly expel the Jews.

It’s not an accident that these monsters keep just happening to be hired by companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and YouTube. AC asks the pertinent question: Why do you think he could get that job, but there is no way you would ever have gotten hired for it?