It’s a Hell World After All

If you’re not regularly reading the Arkhaven Comics blog, you really should. Among other things, it’s got smarter and more frightening horror than anything you’ll find coming out of the Hellmouth.

Disney Exec: Your next title is a comic book that is really just an advertisement for the Star Wars Galactic Cruiser. You have to show how fun it will be for kids.

Marvel Comic Book Writer: I’ll die first. I’ll commit suicide before I write that thing.

Disney Exec: Not a good idea once you’ve signed a contract with Disney. It’s not like we’ll let you go even if you’re dead. Did you know that all the dolls in the It’s A Small World Ride regularly have to have their hair trimmed?* There’s a reason for that.

Marvel Comic Book Writer: Oh, my Go…

Disney Exec: DO. NOT. SPEAK. HIS. NAME. That is also in the contract you signed willingly and of your own free will.

Who ever suspected that regular coverage of the Devil Mouse business could be so entertaining? Ironically, it’s even more entertaining than any of the Devil Mouse’s purported entertainment products.