Of Pearls and Swine

If you ever wonder why I simply ignore people who ask me to provide sources or support my statements, this exchange on Gab between a Peterson fan and a Jordanetics reader pretty much summarizes why.

All the peterson hate is such obvious jealous. I’ve never heard anyone attack his message, because you all agree with it

You mean messages like this?

yeah exactly, you have to resort to criticizing parody of him because you can’t actually articulate an argument against anything he says.

Read this and then say that again. But of course you won’t because you are taken in by his moronic baffle garble: (Link to Jordanetics)

tell me what he’s wrong about and tell me why he’s wrong.

yep, just go ahead and not read the thing that you literally asked for. Because you don’t really want to think, you just want to slaver over the alter of his baffle garble. Just go clean your room bucko!

There is absolutely no point in attempting to engage intellectually with those who are limited to the rhetorical. Their demand for sources and evidence is nothing more than a rhetorical ploy; if provided, they will not hesitate to ignore them.