Diversifying Ukraine

It’s really remarkable to see the globalist governments of the New Neo-Liberal Rules-Based World Order going crazy over the possibility of a few hundred thousand “New Ukrainians” going in search of a better life for themselves and their families in Ukraine. I mean, isn’t diversity Ukraine’s strength?

If they didn’t have any problem with 80 million foreigners colonizing the United States, why do they get so bent out of shape concerning much smaller waves of immigration into places like Ukraine or Taiwan Island.

If they want to truly defang the globalist rhetoric, all Putin and Xi have to do is announce that they are sponsoring emigration programs for young men who are going abroad in search of better economic prospects. These programs will be good for both the Ukrainian and Taiwanese economies, so how can anyone possibly object to them?

Putin isn’t “invading” or “subjecting” or “colonizing” Ukraine. He’s simply contemplating the possibility of diversifying and strengthening it.