The Woke of the Rings

As bad as the converged The Wheel of Time has been, Amazon’s upcoming abuse of The Silmarillion promises to be even worse:

First, the Tolkien Estate did not do this willingly. They got hurt in arbitration with Warner Brothers and part of the settlement is that they had to allow a Lord of the Rings. Although, they did get to maintain a right of absolute veto over everything. And when Amazon was up against Christopher Tolkein, he used it. He kept this hideous abortion in development hell for years, probably with the hope that Amazon would give up and the rights would revert.

But then he died and the horrifying travesty moved forward.

The creators that have been handed this project have no experience as being the guys in charge but they have years in the business working for… Bad Reboot.

Whatever hope you might have had can be abandoned now.

Inclusivity, diversity, new characters, and LGBT representation. It’s all going to be there. And it’s all going to be awful.

On the plus side, ARTS OF DARK AND LIGHT remains completely unconverged.