Over the Target Again

AC has taken note of what appears to be a minor comments campaign targeting me:

I have had zero comments critical of Vox, probably going back to this site’s formation.

Starting about a week or two before, and then as Murphy went down in an obviously controlled take-down, there have been a flood of anonymous posts here, often from one-off IPs, and most not using any name, and many seeming to be written by different people based on style, all trying to tie Vox to various figures who are comped, and feeding the narrative he is going to be exposed somehow, along with a bunch of right wing influencers/celebrities. The first one seemed to predict some sort of wave of takedowns was coming, of which Murphy may be the first. I also noticed now, two posts on 4Chan (and for some reason I seem to miss a lot of what gets put on 4Chan despite checking it, but that is another story), which were also focusing on Vox as some sort of comped asset who was selling out the movement, even though you don’t see people producing posts exclusively about Vox there very often. They didn’t have many replies when I saw them and I assume they died quickly, but it obviously seemed related. I’m guessing if you followed other sites, they would be seeing the same activity.

I don’t know what Vox is doing, or is going on with him in his endeavors, but there seems some group spreading this type of post right now, and it doesn’t feel like a single person, but rather an organized operation. Could be related to something he is rolling out, or his refusal to take a ticket, or just some entity wants to try to piggyback something else going on with guys like Murphy, and diminish Vox’s clout as various projects advance.

The interesting thing about these types of things is how they materialize like the religious wars, where you have no religious fighting one day, and in the space of just three days you have ten new posters all fighting over religious issues. And then you ban a few, they see it isn’t working, and they all disappear. You can almost see the order going out to a bunch of people with the website address to show up at, and the posts to be pushed. It would be interesting to know if anybody sees these posts on any other websites.

However, it appears his readers are not falling for it.

Congratulations, the claim that Vox Day is a cabal asset easily makes the list of the top three most stupid assertions ever made online, and is quite possibly the gold medallist. After this, if anyone ever tries to tell you that you’ve achieved nothing in your life, you can point to this post and tell them to suck it up, and then ask them what THEY’VE ever achieved in the Stupid Olympics. They probably didn’t even make the team

This was my response to the accusatory comment that made it through the moderation there.

Get over it already, Gamma.

I’m not a conservative. I don’t get involved in political events. I don’t get paid by George Soros or any other shady character. I don’t care about fame, money, or Internet celebrity, and now that it’s obvious that politics is all a fixed charade, I don’t have much interest in that anymore.

There definitely won’t be any gay porn starring me in it. And I encourage AC’s readers to keep your false prophecy in mind when literally nothing that you predicted happens.

As for the surveillance state, it simply isn’t of much concern to me as a Christian and as a reader of philosophy. I’m far more worried about God’s opinion of my various flaws and failures than I am about Satan’s petty servitors using them against me. We are all watched, and not just by our fellow humans. Even the ancient pagans knew this.

When you have shut the doors and made a darkness within, remember never to say that you are alone; for you are not alone, but God is within, and your Guardian Spirit, and what light do they need to behold what you do?