Saving Superman

DC Comics has plumbed new depths hitherto unimagined with the prison rape of Superman:

I have no idea what Daniel Cherry was brought in to do at DC but this is what he has done.

And no Superman’s prison rape was not some Elseworlds thing, it was the main timeline.

What needs to be remembered here is that the Discovery is taking over Warner in mid-2022. Which means no one is watching what the Wokeites are doing. Or rather no one cares, because they are all wondering who is going to survive the next round of merger purge….

Ultimately Warner Brothers doesn’t care because the DC heroes can’t be sold at this point. Or at least no one will buy them.

In eleven years, Superman, Lois Lane, Metropolis and the Daily Planet all go into the Public Domain. In a little over ten years anybody can write a Superman comic book and sell it.* Batman becomes public property that same year. Three years later Wonder Woman joins them. Flash, Green Lantern, Sandman, Doctor Fate, and Hawkman would have already been in Public Domain for a year.

That’s it for the Justice League.

Eleven years… imagine where Arktoons is going to be in eleven years. And imagine what an Arkhaven Superman might look like. It sounds like a long way off, but then, time flies when you’re having fun. Let’s do this.