Third Time’s the Charm

A dark and disturbing interpretation of the German omicron data:

In Germany 70.53% are fully vaxxed, 2.97% are partially vaxxed and 26.5% unvaxxed.

So unvaxxed have 186 cases out of 26.5% of the population
Fully vaxxed have 4020 cases out of 70.53% of the population.

So the vaxxed Omicron case incidence is 57.0 per percent of population (830,000 is 1% of the 83 million German population) And the unvaxxed Omicron case incidence is 7.02 per percent of population.

So the vaxxed are 57.0/7.02 = 8.12x more likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaxxed in Germany That is what vaccination has done for the people of Germany.

The Koch Institut failed to produce its normal vaccine effectiveness table in its December 30 weekly report. This may have been due to the holidays or may have been because the table would be disastrous for the vaccines. But we can help the Germans out here by doing the calculation for them using Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula.

Vaccine effectiveness = immune system effectiveness = (1-8.12)/8.12 = -7.12/8.12 = -87.7%.

So the vaccinated have an 87.7% lower immune response than the unvaccinated have to Omicron.

This means that the average German is down to the last 12.3% of his or her immune system for fighting certain classes of viruses and certain cancers etc. etc.

Here is the prediction, the extrapolation from UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report data from Weeks 35-42 that we first made on October 10th. The predicted figures are in olive green.

So Germany, at 87.7% immune system degradation, has done 6.7% worse than our model which predicted, an 81.0% degradation this year.

One can’t call this a prediction because it concerns events that have already taken place. And it can’t be ignored that the data is in line – in fact, it is even worse – than the previous extrapolation indicated. So, the best-case scenario is that the Pfizer vaccine effectiveness formula is nonsense. And, considering that it is a Big Pharma model utilized to sell vaccines, there is a reasonable probability that the formula is more or less irrelevant to the actual state of the human immune system.

But if it isn’t nonsense, then things could be looking rather grim indeed for those foolish enough to have submitted to a third or even fourth vaccination.