Junior Classics Vols. 4, 5, and 6

The Castalia Junior Classics Vols. 4 – 6

We’re pleased to announce that The Castalia Junior Classics 2020 edition, Vols. 4, 5, and 6, are now available in the USA from Castalia Direct. The Backer Editions will begin shipping in the first two weeks of January. In the UK, they will be available soon from Amazon and Waterstones, and in the USA they are already available from Barnes and Noble. The epubs will be sent out to backers toward the end of January and made available on Amazon sometime after that.

If you are a backer who a) has not received Vols. 1-3 or b) you have changed your address since receiving Vols. 1-3, please email CastaliaJuniorClassics-AT-outlook-DOT-com. Please send an email even if you have changed your address on the arkhavencomics site or previously sent an email to Castalia Library. Please include your full address, as well as your backer ID (if you have it) and whether you are on the royal octavo or demi list.

Also, since we are beginning the process of binding the leather editions of Vols 1-6 and will be shipping them (or at least the first five volumes) to the leather backers this spring, it is necessary for those who wish to purchase a goatskin set to do so now. The cost for the 10-volume set is $5,000 and the backer can select the color. If you wish to purchase a set, please send me an email specifying the Pantone color.