Arktoons 4 Million

Arkhaven Comics launched its Arktoons site for free digital comics in April 2021. Since its debut with 16 comic series, Arktoons has continued to expand and now features more than 60 different series which run episodes on a weekly or twice-weekly basis. The site currently features 1202 episodes, and as Arkhaven’s most prolific creator, The Legend Chuck Dixon, has observed, the Arktoons site traffic has increased steadily in the seven months since its launch.

“Everyone can see all the numbers right there on the site. And everyone can see that the time between each million views is becoming shorter and shorter.”

ALT★HERO Episode 36: You Have to Go Back

THE STRANDED Episode 2: Attacking Europa

SOMETHING BIG Episode 25: Down to Gorktown

SAVAGE MEMES Episode 62: Veritas


CLASSIC BIBLE TALES Episode 29: The Return to Nazareth

It took just seven weeks for Arktoons to go from three million to four million views. Will it take even less time for the third-ranked Toons site to reach five million? Stay tooned…

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