How to Manipulate the NPCs

AC points out that the Prometheans are literally providing a primer on their simple, but effective rhetoric.

Tony Blair says “if you’re not vaccinated… you’re an idiot.”

I always love these, because they give you a window into the psychology of the enemy who tries to manipulate us with them. This is a model which the enemy came up with based on the fact it would affect them. Whoever came up with that argument must feel dumb, and they must be self-conscious about it – to the point that to avoid being seen as dumb they will inject anything into themselves, so long as it will cause the argument that they are dumb to go away. So they conclude they only have to tell us we are dumb if we don’t get the jab, and we will all run to get it, because we care what those idiots think. It is funny to see they can be so easily controlled.

Not caring what other people think, particularly people you have never met and don’t know, is a virtual superpower in the Age of Media. And the use of political and entertainment celebrities for rhetorical purposes explains why their creation is considered necessary in the first place. The Prometheans never even bother with dialectic, because they know it’s unnecessary and completely beyond the vast majority of the population.

UPDATE: Karl Denninger obviously grasps the relevant rhetoric:

For Those Of You Who Were STUPID


You said the mandates were fine “because you took the jab” allegedly “voluntarily” so you didn’t care.

Well, guess what? Now the booster mandates are starting.