Woe to Those Who Call Evil Good

Not that there was ever any doubt about the convergence of the Anglican Church and its gay, female fake priests.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said being vaccinated against coronavirus is a moral issue. Asked during an interview with ITV News At Ten if being vaccinated is a ‘moral issue’, the archbishop said: ‘I’m going to step out on thin ice here and say, yes, I think it is.’

He added: ‘A lot of people won’t like that, but I think it is because it’s not about me and my rights. Now obviously there are some people who, for health reasons, can’t be vaccinated – different question – but it’s not about me and my rights to choose. It’s about how I love my neighbour. Vaccination reduces my chances – doesn’t eliminate – but it reduces my chances of getting ill and reducing my chances of getting ill reduces my chances of infecting others. It’s very simple.

‘So I would say yes, to love one another – as Jesus said – get vaccinated, get boosted.’

Thus proceedeth the fall of the Anglican Church. Born in divorce, died vaccinated. And if the Gates of Hell prevail over it, you know it isn’t part of the genuine Church, it is judeochristianity.

Stay strong in your faith. Stay strong in your “immorality” in the eyes of the wicked.