Totally Normal

Another professional soccer player collapses on the field. Not a single mention of the obvious in the article itself. It’s just another inexplicable medical emergency, it seems.

Sheffield United midfielder John Fleck has been rushed to hospital after collapsing on the pitch during his side’s Championship fixture with Reading.

The Blades were leading 1-0 thanks to Jayden Bogle’s 56th-minute strike when Fleck collapsed on the pitch. His team-mates immediately called for medical assistance.

The 30-year-old received 10 minutes of urgent medical treatment on the pitch at the Madejski Stadium on Tuesday night before being transported to hospital.

I’ve followed European football for 30+ years. Players have NEVER collapsed on the field with this sort of regularity before. And while we don’t know for certain that it’s the vaccines yet… it’s the vaccines.