SUV Attack on Christmas Parade

Two dozen people were run over by an SUV that was used to attack a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

A car traveling at high speed plowed into a holiday parade in suburban Milwaukee, Wisconsin, killing at least one person and leaving at least 20 people injured, among them several elderly women who were part of a ‘Dancing Grannies’ float and members of a schoolgirls’ dance team, according to reports.

Terrifying video posted to social media shows a speeding red SUV collide into a group of people marching in the middle of the street during the annual holiday parade in Waukesha, some 20 miles west of downtown Milwaukee.

The red SUV and a person of interest are in custody, according to police. The head of the fire department said that 11 adults and 12 children were rushed to six different hospitals in the area.

Another video shows the speeding SUV narrowly miss a young girl who was dancing in the street as the out-of-control vehicle drove by just feet away.

Despite earlier reports of gunshots, police said they do not believe the driver was armed.

Don’t jump to any conclusions yet. It might be connected to the Rittenhouse verdict, or it might be an anti-Christmas statement, or it might be something else. We’ll find out soon enough.

UPDATE: 5 dead, 40 injured. Attacker was a black activist recently released from prison. Looks as if he was targeting white people.