Safe. And Effective.

Or not so much of the former, if the observations of this nurse working at a hospital in Hawaii are to be believed.

I live on Maui. We only have ONE hospital! I’ve taken care of 3 men now who have GBS after vax (Guillain-Barre syndrome) 4 teenage boys with myocarditis (got vax to play sports) 1 lady had to cut off her leg because of clots. 13yo Bell’s palsy after shot. 7yo with seizures after clots. Covid + patient with 3x booster. 2 ladies with spontaneous abortions after vax. 1 mid 30s women with myocarditis and pericarditis … the list goes on and one… not to mention all the Covid patients who’ve been killed by Remdesivir. And this is a small 240 bed hospital.

If, at this point, you choose to get the vaccines or the boosters, you’re literally retarded and you cannot reasonably say that you were not warned of the potential consequences.