Ladies and Gentlemen, Science!

The reason one can’t ever trust the science is because the midwit scientists are always contradicting themselves. Two decades after doing a 180 on the evils of butter, scientists are belatedly admitting that milk, cheese, and yogurt aren’t bad for you either.

Several studies observing large groups of people have failed to find a clear association between higher levels of dairy consumption and increased heart health risks.

There is a theory that this is because the other elements in dairy, such as calcium and certain fatty acids, work together in what is known as the ‘dairy matrix’ to protect our cardiovascular health.

Scientists have not yet been able to establish how this might work. But a 2018 study of more than 135,000 people in 21 different countries, who were monitored for nine years by researchers from McMaster University in Canada, found lower rates of death and cardiovascular disease in people who ate dairy than those who didn’t, with those who ate the highest amounts — two or more servings per day — the most protected.

A study published in September in the journal PLoS Medicine looked at 4,000 60-year-olds in Sweden (where diets are typically high in dairy) and found those who ate high levels were less likely to experience heart attacks, stroke or other cardiovascular problems — and were not any more likely to die than those who ate low levels.

‘A number of published studies suggest that, despite their saturated fat content, some dairy foods such as milk, cheese and yoghurt have a neutral or even positive effect on a person’s risk of heart and circulatory disease,’ says Victoria Taylor, a dietitian with the British Heart Foundation.

‘Studies have suggested that consuming dairy products is linked to a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which are factors that increase the chances of a heart attack or stroke.’

Point this out whenever some vaccinated moron tries to tell you to trust the science. Because the statistics already indicate that a similar, though opposite, reversal is coming soon with regards to the immune-system destroying Covid vaccines.