An Ugly Metaphor

The inept, unwatchable performance of the Chiefs and Packers is the direct result of the NFL adopting unnecessary pro-vaccine protocols.

The Chiefs’ defense has been a mess all season. Fortunately, today they got to play against Jordan Love. Love, the Packers quarterback making the first start of his career, could do next to nothing as the Chiefs won an ugly game, 13-7. If Aaron Rodgers had played, the Packers almost certainly would have won easily. But Rodgers decided not to get vaccinated, and as a result he’s on the COVID-19 reserve list and his teammates just lost a game they should have won.

No, the NFL chose to create a stupid set of rules, then chose to prevent Rodgers from playing. And as a result, the entertainment product that they are selling suffered. This is an ugly, but accurate metaphor for what is happening all across the USA.