Rule by Pervs and Pedos

Israel may have suffered under the pedocracy even longer than the United States:

An unnamed former secretary accused Shimon Peres of sexual assault, Israeli news reporter Rina Mazliah revealed to N12 on Saturday.

“He pulled me toward him and put his hand under my shirt,” said the anonymous woman. “I said to him ‘wait wait’ and he pushed me up against the wall. I pushed him and ran away. I have an awful memory of him.”

This accusation follows those made by former MK Colette Avital who alleged last week that Peres had sexually assaulted her in the 80’s. Avital told Haaretz that Peres pinned her to a door and tried to kiss her while he was prime minister in 1984. She also said that on another occasion, he invited her to his hotel room for breakfast while they were on a diplomatic mission in Paris and tried to push her onto the bed when she entered the room.

Remember, this guy was one of the most powerful politicians in Israeli history, ruling as its eighth Prime Minister and ninth President.