Never Listen to the Elite

And don’t ever do what they tell you to do. They are lying hypocrites from beginning to end, starting with the US Congress:


Between 100-200 members of Congress and their families & staffers have been treated with IVM & our I-MASK+ protocol for COVID. NO hospitalizations.

Not one of them reported that to the people.

Saved themselves & stayed silent as IVM was torched.

In other words, the US government has been trying to scare the public away from taking the “horse paste” that would have saved many Covid victims as well as all the lives sacrificed to the poison vaccines. Meanwhile, the daughter of the California governor hasn’t even received her regularly scheduled vaccines, let alone the Covid vaccine mandated for children her age by her father:

California Governor Gavin Newsom has come under fire for delaying his own teenage daugher’s Covid-19 vaccination while fuming at the lagging vaccination rate in those aged 12-17, and pushing for the broad vaccine mandate. Conservatives have been up in arms over the recent report that Newsom’s 12-year-old daughter has yet to get her Covid-19 jab despite her father publicly encouraging parents to vaccinate their children even though the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to fully greenlight the immunization. Newsom told the Los Angeles Times on Thursday that his daughter, who turned 12 last month, has not yet received the vaccine because she was scheduled for “a series of other shots.”

Do you really think that Newsom doesn’t know that those vaccines are likely to harm his daughter’s health? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to learn that all politicians and celebrities who are “fully-vaccinated” weren’t vaccinated at all. It’s hard not to notice how all the vaccinated people who are collapsing and dying are no-names and lower-level athletes that no one knows.

On a related note, I have been informed by a reliable source that a Chinese individual who received the CoronaVac vaccine took an antibody test that showed he had absolutely no Covid antibodies despite having being fully vaccinated, thereby raising the possibility that the Chinese Covid vaccine made by Sinovac is nothing more than harmless saline.