Zero Trust for White Coats

Karl Denninger speaks for a growing number of people around the world:

After the last 18 months I really don’t care what you advocate or advise. Nor any other doctor. Or nurse. Or politician.

You see, the folks in your profession lied too many times over too short of a period of time for it to be overlooked as “mistakes.” You’ve been caught, and rather than apologize and point the finger at who coerced you into lying (or even better, shivving them in public on TeeVee) your response was to double down and place your job and income above people’s lives.

If I can read medical journal articles so can you. But it’s not my job to do so — it is, however, part of yours. As alleged “experts” you have a duty to keep up to date on what’s been discovered and to be prepared to discuss and debate it. Dismissing such out of hand isn’t the mark of a professional in any field; it is the mark of someone who wields credentials as a weapon and deserves to have them shoved up their ass.

But now the joke’s on you. You’ve destroyed the credibility of the so-called “medical profession” on a permanent basis for a huge number of people, myself included. I’d rather go to a Voodoo practitioner for medical advice; there, at least, all I might get conned out of is $20 or $50 to sacrifice a chicken to a piece of rock with some feathers sticking out of it.

You, on the other hand, will tell me to go eat chicken soup for a viral infection that has a reasonable chance of becoming systemic and screwing me hard rather than debating the merits and risks with me, and then allowing me to choose from possibly-effective, unproved drugs that have decades-long safety records and thus, at worst, won’t do any more than the chicken soup — but on the other hand they might work. Indeed, while the so-called “gold standard” trials of tens of thousands of people in double-blind, placebo-controlled objective studies haven’t been done on them you have not demanded, as professionals, that the organs of government run those trials over the preceding 18 months and get the answers when nobody else will because said drugs are off-patent and cheap. There is thus no incentive to spend the half-million to few million dollars to run such a trial. The government, of course, blows billions on known-bogus tests and uses them as fear pornography instead….

This of course isn’t the first time either. For decades you so-called “experts” told Americans to eat the “food pyramid”, loaded at the bottom with fast carbohydrates. You also told us to substitute for butter and other saturated fats with unsaturated, machine-processed and stabilized vegetable oil replacements and claimed they were good. We now know that was bull**** and in fact transfats, which do not exist in nature, have a safe human dose approximating zero.

I listened to you folks on “what to eat” for a couple of decades. My body mass and waistline kept getting bigger. After Obamacare was passed it became abundantly clear that within a decade or so the health system would go straight down the crapper and thus if I needed it I was going to die, and it would probably hurt. So I did the exact opposite of what all you ghouls recommend — and promptly lost 60lbs, entirely stabilized my glucose metabolism and now am faster, as a runner, than I was at 17 in High School. Argue with the clock if you’d like.

I haven’t believed a word coming out of the medical science community since the whole Food Pyramid thing was conclusively proven to be backwards. While most Americans duly ate more bread and pasta while reducing their fat consumption and became overweight, I kept the weight off because I saw how people who ate more meat and less carbohydrates lost weight and stayed in shape. Of course, I was already skeptical due to the flip-flopping on whether it was butter or margarine that was good for you.

It’s not that the individual general practitioners are always wrong, the problem is that the medical community as a whole doesn’t hesitate to lie any more than the media does. If there is a contradiction between the Official Medical Story and anecdotes from people with direct experience, always go with the latter. And anyone who disagrees with that is more than welcome to go on a bread-and-margarine-heavy diet, get vaxxed, and go on statins. They won’t last five years.

Possibly the most idiotic thing is the recommendation to get a flu shot this winter. Weren’t we just told a few months ago that the flu was eliminated thanks to masks and hand-washing?

Ignore the professional white coats. They don’t have your health or your best interests in mind.