A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

In every age group from 20-79, the percentage of the confirmed Covid cases are “fully vaccinated” exceeds the percentage of the population that is “fully vaccinated”.

This means the fake vaccines are literally worse than nothing. And remember, the Antibody Dependent Enhancement that is created by the “vaccines” don’t merely enhance Covid-19, they will enhance all similar viruses, including the common cold virus.

This isn’t just logic applied to scientific data anymore. This isn’t just theory. This is now the published medical reality from a sample size of 18,678 confirmed Covid cases. The fake vaccines will not protect you, and contrary to the government and media propaganda, they will render you more susceptible to infection, hospitalization, and possibly, death, than simply doing nothing.

If you chose to get vaxxed, if you choose to submit to the boosters, you’re knowingly playing Russian Roulette, you just don’t know how many chambers are loaded. And, at this point, you’ve confirmed that you’re literally too stupid to survive on the basis of anything but sheer luck and the kindness of strangers who profit by injecting graphene into your body. Regardless of how it plays out, it’s impossible for me to harbor any sympathy for the vaxxed; it’s not as if people weren’t repeatedly screaming “don’t even think of doing it” for months before the first fake vaccines were made available to you.