30 Percent of Nurses Will Quit

That’s about the percentage that has persistently appeared in polls concerning rejection of the fake vaccines:

Pushback against area hospital systems’ mandates for employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 continues with the latest coming from more than 100 nurses who say they’d quit before complying.

A number of UC Medical Center nurses, responding to a union survey, indicated they would leave their jobs if the hospital system’s vaccine mandate is finalized.

The Ohio Nurses Association survey was conducted immediately after UC Health and other area hospital systems announced they would mandate the COVID-19 vaccine for their employees. The survey, done Aug. 5-12, was made public Wednesday. Results show that 136 of 456 nurses who responded – balked at the mandate. The medical center has more than 1,500 nurses.

Cincinnati-area medical leaders face the news media Aug. 5 at the Christ Hospital Health Network in Mount Auburn to announce a region-wide vaccination mandate for hospital employees and volunteers starting Oct. 1. From left: Deborah Hayes, chief executive officer of the Christ Hospital; Michael Fisher, CEO, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center; Mark Clement, CEO, TriHealth; Dr. Richard Lofgren, CEO, UC Health; Dr. Steve Feagins, chief clinical officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health; David Fikse, president, Mercy Health-Cincinnati, Dr. Robert Prichard, chief clinical integration officer, St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, and Dr. Thomas Lamarre, infectious disease specialist at the Christ Hospital.

The survey underscores the ongoing controversy over the region’s health systems requiring vaccinations, which at one point landed all six of them in local courts. A recruiter with St. Elizabeth Healthcare, another of the six health systems, recently told The Enquirer that the vaccine mandate had led some nurses to quit.

“This places the medical center in a very difficult position, and it places the nurses in a very difficult position,” said Dominic Mendiola, labor representative for the nurses association. He said that UCMC has been at capacity on and off since July, and currently, 187 nursing positions are posted.

At this point, everyone who is dumb enough to get vaccinated against corona-chan has been. Virtually everyone else is not “vaccine-hesitant”, but vaccine-resistant to the point that they will resist even government-forced vaccinations, to say nothing of employer-mandated ones.

And to be honest, nearly one-third of the population is much better than I was expecting. Given MPAI and the relentlessness of the media and social media propaganda, I anticipated 10-15 percent. Not only that, but it’s evident, on an anecdotal level, that the combination of the boosters and the twice-daily pfill is causing the number of vaccine skeptics to grow rapidly.