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STONETOSS Episode 11: Cannibalism

THE AWAKENER Episode 15: The Final Journey

Bounding Into Comics breaks the news with details on some of the new series that will debut on Arktoons in the near future:

Chuck Dixon and Arkhaven Comics publisher Vox Day continue their partnership as Dixon will be bringing a brand new western to Arktoons, Arkhaven’s webcomic platform.

Dixon’s partnership with Day and Arkhaven runs deep as he’s currently penning new Midnight’s War stories. He also has Chuck Dixon’s Avalon, Alt-Hero Q, Something Big, Go Monster Go!, and more on the webcomic platform.

Not to mention, Dixon has also been curating a number of classic comics to incorporate on the platform that include a number of different genres such as mystery and war.

The new western is titled Snakehand and sees Dixon team with artist John Neal to tell the story of Texas lawman Joe Wiley as he attempts to bring law and order to the hive of scum and villainy known as Mercury Wells….

Arktoons will also be launching a new science fiction series called Faraway Wars. No details on the creative team or what the story is about were revealed, but Vox Day did share a sample page revealing what looks to be three heroes being celebrated in a futuristic world that includes flying cruise ships.