Bindery Campaign Update 21

Days Left: 7

Status: 88.4 percent of goal.

The Iliad: 303/500

The Odyssey: 290/500 

As requested, we have also added an additional support option for those who wish to support the creation of the Castalia Bindery but a) don’t want the actual books, b) can’t afford them, or c) prefer a pure support option that doesn’t impose any production costs.

So, we’ve added the Leather Ebook option for the final week of the campaign. For $50, buyers will receive both ebook editions of THE ILIAD and THE ODYSSEY, as well as an SG Bindery badge. Please note that it is NOT necessary for those who have already bought one of the books – or the German HEIDI, for that matter – to buy this option, as they will also receive the ebooks and the badge when they become available.