Why the Hospitals are “Full”

A nurse explains on the Market Ticker:

You are thinking the hospital is filled to capacity due to a flood of COVID cases. That might not be the case at all. There is an another explanation that will make sense as soon as it is suggested.

The beds may be closed because the hospital does not have the staff to take care of the patients who could possibly fill those beds. The hospital could be closed and there may be a multitude of empty beds in those hospitals.

Short staffing is one thing. Critically short staffing is something totally different. A hospital might push a double ratio for care. But do you think they are going to risk triple or quadruple?

Can we spell medical malpractice attorney dream for slam dunk litigation and can we spell massive hospital liability risk? Of course we can.

Nurses along with all the other health care professionals are burnt out and exhausted. Add to that dynamic the vaxx mandates. Hospital staff are beyond fed up. These folks have worked over the last 20 months using just personal protective equipment and standard infectious disease precautions. That approach was just fine for nearly two years, but now these same health care workers must be vaxxed or they can’t work? These front line health care workers have seen with their own lying eyes the COVID vaccine injury fall out. Do you think they want to roll the dice for themselves?

I am getting offers for up to $55,000 from hospital systems across the country. That’s sign on bonus, relocation expenses and so forth. Salary and benefits are not part of that dollar amount and I am sure there is plenty of time print along with those recruitment offers. The health care organizations are usually hidden by the recruiting outfit. You don’t know where you are applying to until you apply, but I could guess. So I could go work in Texas, Virginia, Indiana – you name it – anywhere across the country.

I have a question. Would you take a revolver with three chambers loaded (jabb numbet one, jabb number two and booster shot) … Put it in your mouth and pull the trigger three times? For $55,000? For $100,000? For $500,000? For $1,000,000? Well would you?

My answer is hell no. The “wise ones” who run these health care systems have now set up a situation where they will not be able to hire staff/ recruit at any price.