Mailvox: Told You So

An Australian living in Europe doesn’t take much satisfaction from his family belatedly coming around on the danger posed by the fake vaccines:

I live in Europe. My parents and siblings are in Australia. They have been calling me up a lot now trying to convince me to get the clot shot. I had a heated exchange with them yesterday about how the risk reward ratio is totally off skew, and I am never getting an mRNA, and almost certainly never getting a standard jab like AZ, until there is 3 to 4 years of data.

Now this morning, barely 15hrs later, I get a message from my mother that one of their friend´s kids who is 40 dropped dead for no apparent reason just after taking the Pfizer clot shot. Leaving three kids behind, and because no signature no jab, they´re not going to get any help from the government. My mother actually said that she now understands my “vaccine hesitancy”.

I don´t wish this upon anyone, and I am not saying “I told you so”, I am just stressing to them the importance of not believing the god damned news and Govt and to “do your own research”.

Whether one bothers to say “I told you so” or not, the fact is that pretty much everyone who rejected the insane, experimental fake vaccines did, in fact, tell them so. And it’s important to remind them of that, and to remind them that they repeatedly put pressure on you to do the very thing that they finally understand is dangerous. This is not to score imaginary points or rub their noses in their having been wrong, but rather, to convince them to stop adding to the social pressure on people to harm their own health.

As more and more people die or otherwise suffer from adverse effects, this is increasingly going to become an issue requiring resolution between friends and family members. And remember, if it’s a point of contention, then they were among the fortunate.

It’s probably too much to expect them to learn anything from their failure to think, though.

Imagine how Vox feels. He’s been telling us for years that you can’t change people’s minds with dialectic. And yet, here we are, complaining that our dialectic isn’t working. I include myself in this because I did the same thing today.

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