No, We Really Don’t Care. At All

Globohomo is unleashing the sob stories in the aftermath of the complete failure of their Afghan proxies.

  • ‘No one cares about us’: Crying Afghan girl shares fears of ‘dying slowly in history’ in viral video as her country is taken over by the Taliban
  • Minister’s tears for Afghanistan: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace BREAKS DOWN as he admits ‘some people won’t get back’ but vows to fly hundreds of Afghans out in the next 36 hours
  • Heartbreaking scenes of utter desperation as hordes of Afghans try to clamber aboard taxiing US military jets, including three who later fell to their deaths, while five more are killed storming jetways after Taliban take over Kabul
  • Too Sad For Words
  • This Afghanistan disaster will fuel fresh terror in West
  • Reports of BEHEADINGS on the streets of Afghanistan

This subversive rhetorical appeal to the kinder, gentler, and unthinking aspect of human nature is precisely how the West has been destroyed by those who hate it. It’s time to stop falling for it. Tears and pity are not a rational basis for foreign policy. And how foreign nations elect to comport themselves is no business of Americans as long as their behavior does not directly affect Americans.

And as always, heed the single most important lesson of history: sink the damn ships.