Can We Vote For Them?

The Taliban’s political agenda is almost disturbingly viable in the West:

So the Taliban offensive only seems to be gaining power and they now have control of 2/3 the country. They are killing thousands in the areas they have taken over. They have just issued a list of people who civilians need to report to them so they can be executed.

Anybody who worked for the previous government

Bankers and financial workers

Anybody committing child abuse


Women in political office


TV presenters

LGBT activists

LGBT individuals

Let’s face it, that’s a more compelling platform for the average populist than anything the Democrats or the Republicans have on offer these days. Apparently the Taliban have even banned both abortion and Covid vaccinations. Which suggests, at this point, a Taliban-endorsed candidate would easily defeat Joe Biden in a fair election, not that the USA has those anymore.

However, the Taliban has also provided a useful reminder in how to deal with a fake and corrupt electoral system run by foreigners who hate America, Christianity, and the West.

Our message to the American people and people of the western powers who fought us, who we know are hurt by this defeat, is simple: we do not have any hatred for you. Your government, ran by Zionists and atheists, who want to spread their anti-Islamic views here, were our enemies, not you. We pray for the day when you liberate yourselves from their grip and there can be peace upon this planet.

Now, I’m not a Muslim and it’s not the sort of system under which I’d prefer to live. But then, neither is satanic globo-homo.

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