US Abandons Afghan Embassy

The US retreat from Kabul is rapidly proving to be even more ignominious than the famous flight from Saigon:

The US Ambassador to Afghanistan and some of his staff were seen fleeing their Kabul workplace with the stars and stripes flag Sunday, as the Pentagon increased the number of troops deployed in the region by 1,000 to 6,000.

Ambassador Ross Wilson and the flag were both seen arriving at Kabul Airport, as other Americans still in the country were ordered to shelter in place, with shots being fired at the city’s airport.

Embassy staff will be evacuated within the next 72 hours, as the Taliban makes stunning advances into the Afghan capital city, which worst-case scenarios estimated lasting at least 30 days after the US withdrew from it.

An official security alert was issued by the US government after shots were fired at the airport, sparking fears American jets could be shot down as they try to flee the country, which the Taliban have vowed to rename the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

To cite one Internet wag, we have to run away from them over there so that we don’t have to run away from them here.

Then again, the shambolic defeat of the US military in Afghanistan does lend some support for the inexplicable decision to not send troops to defend the southern border against the ongoing invasion of the nation. Perhaps the tranny generals who failed to defend the US capital from roving bands of FBI informants knew that troops would be equally worthless there.

The Imperial USA has not yet been destroyed, but this marks another step toward its eventual collapse. The nations are rising.

Only 1.85 million people in a nation of 36 million bothered to vote in the last Afghan election. The Afghans knew they were being ruled by an illegitimate foreign government.

Just like Americans.

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